Early Digital works

Selection of explorations into a cyber world

Digital imagery became very sophisticated pretty quickly, from the black and white 256k Macs of the early mid '80's to 8 bit colour. They were thousands of colours but now of course its millions. The dream of the computer graphics world at the time was the realisation of what was termed as Super Real or Hyper Reality. Personally I was not interested in this clean smooth graphic environment. I preferred to use digital imaging for other reasons. I was very interested in how we see things and this took me to undertake an MA in Electronic Graphics in the late 1980's at Coventry University, the first of its kind in Europe. 3D modelling was a big interest for many. I used the systems of the time to explore virtual worlds both in 3D (not computer modelling) and 2D, both still and moving. There was no digital photography but there was video so a lot of what I did ended up on tape or colour transparencies often used in site specific installations. Sadly a lot of the work did not survive technological change so I only have very pieces that are readable. Her is just a tiny amount of the work I did.

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