“When the lights go out And the darkness surrounds you Open your eyes

to the Wonderment"

The Dresser

Digital painted photograph sketch for The Rosetta Installation

The Hanging Man

From Iconoclast

Worldly Man

From Iconoclast


From Iconoclast

Entrance to the Temple

From Journey of the Skin Man

The Alter

From Journey of the Skin Man

Turnip Man
Skin Man

From Synaptica

Red Man 2

From Synaptica

BLue 2

From BLue 2


Digital and Hybrid Projects from a time before yesterday. My first introduction to electronic imaging was in the mid 70's when two lecturers at Coventry School of Art had a room for electronica with video and audio, but serious explorations began when I decided to experiment with electronic imaging and sounds back in 1984/5. I went to evening class to learn computing namely the Apple IIe where I got to understand the basics. There was no digital cameras, digital photographs or film. There wasn't even scanners and printers easily available. The advent of the Macintosh in 1984 opened the gateway to a journey for me which has lasted till now and still continues. By the late 80's I returned to artschool at Coventry University to undertake an MA un Electronic Graphics. From then on the journey really got going when I and a few others formed two web based companies which eventually took us to Hollywood and Los Angeles. 

Iconoclast 1984/85

Journey Of The Skin Man 1986 /87


Early Digital Works 1987 - 1990





Produced for Warwick Museum in 1999 as part of Sight and Sound. This was a 3D interactive immersive sound piece.