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FLOAT 2020


Float was created during the forced isolation of the Covid 19 lockdown when the issues of both being out of control of one’s own daily life and the compulsion to maintain in control was and is a daily struggle. 


My line of vision shifted from the eye level landscape transformed by the pandemic to the open skies and the constant movement of clouds. The distant view, towards the horizon and upwards to space transports us from the close detail of real danger and uncertainty to beauty and a sense of freedom. The physical and emotional connection with the natural world brought a new sense of what is it like to be a  creative individual, to be one sentient being in relation to the vastness of the atmosphere surrounding our planet. 


Float is a new iteration of my work considering time and space through still and moving image and soundscapes where I manipulate the passage and speed of time, colour into black and white.  The viewer is invited to dwell, and immerse themselves in the shapes, forms and movement of the cloudscape and reconsider their own relationship with the here and now.


The black and white work is presented as an installation with a large scale projected moving image for an extended shared experience and twenty five small scale wall mounted tablets for individual viewing.  From the many hours of footage, I have selected a series of still images presented as photographic prints



FLOAT is NOT time lapse photography. Jackson has developed a way of controlling time and space. Each film clip is between 5-6 hours long and the time and motion has been manipulated to give a sense of floating in the clouds.

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