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The Venetian Mirror 2018 

Single Screen version


Winner of the Moscow International Foto Award 2019

Moving Image Gold Award

Tokyo International Foto Award 2019

Moving Image Silver Award

Screened at The Venice Biennale 2019

 Alive In The Universe 

May 19th 2019

Palazzo Pesaro Papafava

In collaboration with Tamar Yoseloff. All text ©Tamar Yoseloff 2018 all images and soundtrack © Bill Jackson 2018

The Venetian Mirror 2018 

Two Screen version

shown at the Venice Biennale 2019

The Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror

The Venetian Mirror 


written by Tamar Yoseloff


When I first hung it in our bedroom we could not sleep all night, it was like having the moon for company,

so bright it shone

             Jim Ede




Silver has its day, recedes

to reveal the surface beneath


gone black -

Its own Dorian moment


It reflects back what we have

not been able to understand


an abundance lost, just hinted

In the etched leaves, tendrils lacing


the frame. What’s inside is

rust, a pox on a lovely face


still we trade its dimensions

for our own : dumbstruck, vain




The basilica behind a slick 

of rain, gold diminished


to don. The colour of nothing,

The bulk of it jagged


on the darkening sky

The end of day, odic light


illuminates a shrivelled rose;

all the sadness we contain


in this drop of rain, its

crystallised gloom




The ghost hulk of the palazzo

leans into the canal. Narcissus crazed


Tarnished jewels, pink marble

Dulled to flesh. Shiver of a ballroom


out of season, sliver of broken 

glass, the first glistening of frost


as the campana strikes,

mourns itself in echo

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