I am a photographer, filmmaker and sound artist, primarily working in the fine art gallery and site specific arenas. This concept of time is crucial to my ideas, exchanging the classic definition of photography as a series of instant glimpses of the world in which we live, to a personal definition of ‘space-time’.


A conceptualist arts education in the early 70's at Coventry School Of Art, continues to inform my thinking and work practice. Heavily influenced by my photographic tutor at Coventry, Gordon Goode, who introduced me to performance photography. Goode had been the photographer for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford in its formative years of the 1950’s and ‘60s. As a child I was fascinated by the world of darkness from the streets to the cinema and the stage, and this has ultimately affected my practice.


Working during the day, I uses a film camera to observe micro moments, ‘Little Instances of Time’. These ‘video postcards’ explore relationships between people and their environment. Bill is also an ArtDocumentary maker working collaboratively with other artists. 


As a nocturnal photographer and filmmaker, he maps ‘events’ in the Suffolk landscape. Having set the ‘stage’ I create the tools necessary to capture, through time exposures, the ‘performance’ of elements such as the sea or the wind. It is a unique document which taps into the natural energies. 


Sometimes I work collaboratively with writers and poets which become, what I call, FotoFilms - stills becoming part of among sequence. He combines ‘image, music and text’ to translate these ‘maps’ into a personal observation of his surroundings. 


I am currently investigating the Suffolk landscape at night working with different light spectrums documenting a world that that we ordinarily cannot see, creating images that have been described as ‘extraordinarily beautiful.’


I seek to find the magic in the darkness - ‘it is like being a child again looking for nocturnal wonderworlds.’

“When the lights go out And the darkness surrounds you Open your eyes

to the Wonderment"

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