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As part of my long term residence at Timberyard in Suffolk as part of Studio Fabre Hardy Continuum residency project, I will be gathering evidence at night to the 10 acre estate especially the trees, many of which are ancient trees dating back 1000 years. The Contunuum project run by Dr Miche Fabre and Dr Flora Gathorne-Hardy, two women artists and researchers. are inviting artists and other creatives to respond to the landscape. Some of these stills formed the film Imagine... which was later picked up by the estate of nick Drake and I was asked to make the official film of Pink Moon sung by Nick Drake to launch the official online Nick Drake Channel which led to the films for The Endless Coloured Ways album.

Studio Fabre Hardy


Pink Moon

_1156478 copy
_1156477 copy
_1156481 copy
_1156474 copy
_1156451 copy
_1156448 copy
_1156454 copy
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