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In collaboration with London based poet Tamar Yoseloff. All text © Tamar Yoseloff 2017 all images and soundtrack © Bill Jackson 2017

Our Lives Our Brief

Our Lives Our Brief

Our Lives Our Brief

Our Lives Our Brief

Our Lives Are Brief

(from East Wind Drawings Land)

written by Tamar Yoseloff


I stand inside a pool of streetlight, holding the dark 

at bay – this must be what it’s like to have a god. 

Sodium casts a sickly yellow on my skin. 


In the ancient map there are monsters 

hugging the places where the maker 

had no clue, where you might fall off the edge 


into nowhere. I had a night light as a child, 

a plug-in candle in the corner of my room. 

But a monster lived behind my eyes, 


and even though it died each morning, 

it rose up again at bedtime. Back then 

my parents would sing me to sleep; 


now they’re ash and bone. Our lives are brief

like the banks of candles in cathedrals, 

each a flame for someone loved;


or the light I see framed in curtained windows: 

for each one who’s lit a lamp, made a strike 

against the dark.  

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