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After the burning of the red sofa sometime in 2019 a change was coming. While looking for the red sofa i came across a green sofa covered in hay. It was time to move on and the Green Sofa Sessions was born.


Not unlike early recordings of Country musicians playing on a porch or steps, as exemplified by the excellent series by Ken Burns "The History Country Music", Jackson invited musicians to perform live straight to camera using only one overhead microphone.


They are recorded for posterity for the Maverick Festival archive. All music © the musicians all film material © Bill Jackson Foto Films. 


This is only the beginning. Below is an introduction by the Maverick Festival Director Paul Spencer and a message from The Crux to all American music fans.


More can be seen on The Green Sofa Sessions Vimeo Showcase


The Crux

Mary Ellen Jenkins

Chance McCoy

The Resonant Rogues

Lachlan Bryan and The Wildes with Imogen Clark

Angel Snow

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