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I was commissioned by PhotoEast in 2018 to produce an audio visual set as a backdrop for a performance by Casson and Friends at Dance East. The inspiration for the choreography was from conversations from the people of Ipswich in Suffolk. 

This is an edited highlight video of the live performance on Saturday May 26th 2018.

Edited highlights of a live performance by Casson and Friends at Dance East in Ipswich as part of the PhotoEast Festival 2018. It was performed on Saturday May 26th performed by Guillaume Loslier-Pinard and Roxanne Dupuis, Concept & Direction: Tim Casson performance duration 15 mins. Audio Visual Design Bill Jackson.

Carte Postale is organized by Festival Quartiers Danses in Montreal, Canada, in collaboration with and DanceEast


Carte Postale

Opening sequence of the sea coming into the docks

Carte Postale

The dancers arrive at Ipswich Docks

Carte Postale

They move through the history of the docks

Carte Postale

Listening to the voices of Ipswich

Carte Postale37

Moving through time

Carte Postal

Down by the Waterfront cafes

Carte Postale

The dancers leap across the stage

Carte Postale

They dance in unison

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