Digitised from the original black and white 6 x 6 negatives (this re evaluation is ongoing). These were the last portraits I did until around 2008/09 . Commissioned by The Herbert Art Gallery in Coventry, they are all of people I know, friends and family. It was my way of saying goodbye to using film and silver based photography. I was already heavily involved in electronic imaging,

Window Cleaners

Window Cleaners

Window Cleaners


Girl In A Striped Dress

Boy In A Striped Jumper

Woman In A Brown Coat

Man With A Cigarette

Man With Microwave Transmitter

Man Outside His House

Man With Cat

Acid Man

Man With Carrots

Snake Woman

Girl As Spiderman

Girl With a Bat Cat

Woman As A Christmas Tree

Lady In Her Garden

Two Boys

School Play - The Orestria 1

School Play - The Orestria 2

Elephant Girl

Cat Girl

Dragon Boy

Crocodile Boy


Beach Girl

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