“When the lights go out And the darkness surrounds you Open your eyes

to the Wonderment"

This website showcases only my nocturnal journeys and films.

Imagine from my Residency at Timberyard with Touchstones Earth and the Continuum Project

No Music on a Dead Planet

"I had a strange dream last night: I was looking up at the sky, and it was very, very light, and soft; and high, high above me it seemed to be slowly boiling, like light that had materialized, like the fibres of a sunlit fabric, like silken, living stitches in a piece of Japanese embroidery. And those tiny fibres, light-bearing, living threads, seemed to be moving and floating and becoming like birds, hovering, so high up that they could never be reached. So high that if the birds were to lose feathers the feathers wouldn’t fall, they wouldn’t come down to the earth, they would fly upwards, be carried off and vanish from our world forever. And soft, enchanted music was flowing down from that great height. The music seemed to sound like the chiming of little bells; or else the birds’ chirping was like music. ‘They’re storks’, I suddenly heard someone say, and I woke up."


Andrei Tarkovsky