I approach my portraits as a set of images within a particular 'container' or concepts. For example 'Biographica' was photographed using a special sliding back land camera, manly used for landscapes. i wanted to photograph a series of interiors which also served as a biography of the people who inhabited them. The result is a very detailed exploration of The Home. 

My Dioromas are public constructed imaginary landscapes where people are invited to sit within and react as they wish, often by playing with the available props or bringing their own as in Diorama For Dogs.

Walberswick Swimmer 2016


Everyday throughout the year a group of locals from. Walberwick in Suffolk meet early morning and go swimming, many wth their dogs. I took a green sofa down to the sea to make it more comfortable for the sitters. Its also comment on the environmental impact of beach debris which the sea often deposits. 

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Homecoming (Ghost Tree)