Conceptual​​ Artist, Photographer​, Performer, Foto Filmmaker, ​site specific projections, installations and soundscapes



I am a photographer, filmmaker and sound artist, primarily working in th fine art gallery and site specific arenas. This concept of time is crucial to my ideas, exchanging the classic definition of photography as a series of instant glimpses of the world in which we live, to a personal definition of ‘space-time’. 


A conceptualist arts education in the early 70's at Coventry School Of Art continues to inform my thinking and work practice. Drawing or mark making in its widest interpretation is integral to my work. The mark, either as an engineering drawing or a mathematical notation, is the beginning of the journey to new ideas.  

As a young art student, I was  influenced by Pollock's approach to random mark making and the artist's’ intervention in that process.  I create stages for these interventions  to unfold; with the knowledge of these stages in daylight, the 'performance' is transformed by night. 

In 1986 I transitioned from photography and ventured into cyberspace, initially experimenting with early digital formats, combining them with analogue photography. Through this period major electronic mapping works included ‘Iconoclast’ and ‘The Journey of The Skin Man’. These were later used to illustrate the current concerns about photography at a symposium at The National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in 1991. 

Working during the day, I use my film camera to observe micro moments which I call ‘Little Instances of Time’. These ‘video postcards’ explore relationships between people and their environment. I am also an ArtDocumentary maker working collaboratively with other artists. Currently in production is a film for The Sainsbury Centre at UEA and Messums Gallery on the sculptor Laurence Edwards and the creation of a new work ‘Man Of Stones’ for the Sculpture Park at UEA.


As a nocturnal photographer and filmmaker, I work with specially constructed drawing tools in the dark of night to engage with natural elements including the sea and the wind to map out spaces and environments, tapping into the natural energies to trace and draw, and document unique, live, site specific performances. The reality of the captured image is fundamental to all my work, particularly with long exposure photography. 


I create a field of vision for the light drawings to take place; the outcome is unknown. The photograph is the evidence of an 'event' that has taken place, a 'performance' that even I myself cannot see in its entirety. During creation, only the process is evident. It’s through the inherent values in photography as a documentary process that I  realise the idea.


Working collaboratively with writers and poets, these become the frames for my FotoFilms where I use image, sound/music and text/voice to translate these ‘maps’ into a personal observation of my chosen surroundings. 


I have won many international awards for my photographic prints and films, more recently a Gold and Silver at The Tokyo International Awards. I will be screening ‘The Venetian Mirror’, a collaborative work with the poet Tamar Yoseloff at this years Venice Biennale (2019) for ‘Alive In The Universe’ project curated by Caroline Wiseman and David Baldry. I have exhibited world wide including The Photographers Gallery, The National Portrait Gallery, The Brno Museum and the Museum Of Modern Art in Argentina.


I spend my time between my studio / farm near the coast in Suffolk, East Anglia where I live and London.


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Homecoming (Ghost Tree)